“For this collection, the music stood still long enough for me to capture her playfulness onto my canvas. The sound of each note can be heard and felt for by each brushstroke I made. That in the end, what was once invisible is now visible in the paint. Under the stroke of my conducting, her symphony was born.” - Gregory Exhibit opens, December 6 with First Friday Festivities, 5:00-9:00 PM and now extended through January 31

René Romero Schuler is a renowned painter with an extensive resume in both private, public and museum collections around the world. Her work focuses on the human condition and, most recognizably, the strength of the female form. In her latest exhibition Expanding the Narrative, Schuler invites guests into a deeper understanding of the story and her purpose, featuring works on paper and limited edition prints, which are an expansion of her artistic practice ¬– beyond paint and canvas. They are, another element of the overall narrative. The show is carefully curated into mini vignettes, with each story creating a dialogue in itself. This exhibition will be on view in tandem with the release of Schuler’s third book, titled “René Romero Schuler”. We invite you to join us, through the months of December and January, and enjoy this truly unique curation of works. “I experimented with using some handmade paper I had in the studio and played with a concept I had floating in my head about combining something inherently rough, organic, and imperfect, with something glitzy like gold. This concept comes from the idea that we dress ourselves up to face the day. Despite the inner difficulties that have shaped us, we try and look our best. And thus, the gilded ladies arrived. I love them so much for their elegant simplicity.” Rene'