The soul sorrows the soul rejoices. It seems to know its celestial inheritance provoking it toward a longing, a resting or blissful acknowledgment of something somewhat hidden. Woven into its very fiber through glorious, agonizing and mediocre experiences there is an awareness of a bigness, again, of something, someplace not yet touched by us. This body of work is a response through paint applied by fingers and knives on canvas, to the hearing of colors and directional words of left, right, roll down, swish right, ongoing. Though I believe I hear the colors and lefts and rights of heaven, I recognize my own soul's opinions, doubts and thoughts interlacing as an intruder. I don't believe this to be synesthesia but more like colorful whispers to those lingering in observation. The light brushing, massaging, kiss of the awakening of some grand longing, dream, purpose in a greater measure.

“For this collection, the music stood still long enough for me to capture her playfulness onto my canvas. The sound of each note can be heard and felt for by each brushstroke I made. That in the end, what was once invisible is now visible in the paint. Under the stroke of my conducting, her symphony was born.” - Gregory Exhibit opens, December 6 with First Friday Festivities, 5:00-9:00 PM.