Current Exhibitions

Opening Reception- Friday, September 6, 5:00 - 9:00 PM. Exhibit on view through September 28. "For nearly 50 years, my career with watercolors has been shaped by the complexities of emotion and the development of a human connection using everyday situations. Studying people has provided an understanding how relationships can be impacted by a single gesture. A passion for painting was cultivated during early years and further developed at Millersville University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Art. My artistic journey evolved by painting anonymous people performing everyday activities to the capture of a single moment and visually present the complexities that surround relationships. The figures in the paintings are key to the narrative of telling a story while developing a human connection and prompting the viewer to participate in the moment. As a signature member of Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Baltimore Watercolor Society, and Salmagundi Art Club, NY, I have shown nationally and internationally since 1995, live in Morgantown PA, and continue to paint every day." ~ Cheryl


Gallery Artists

Cheryl Elmo is an artist painting with watercolor since 1970. She is a signature member of the Pennsylvania and Baltimore Watercolor Societies, has shown nationally and internationally. Cheryl’s watercolors give the medium a new visual quality. She focuses on everyday situations and balances the fluidity of watercolor with subtleness in color changes. Cheryl’s unique handling of the medium has evolved over the years creating an unusual style reminiscent of the impressionists and influenced by modern-day masters. The reoccurring theme is recognizing the beauty that others may pass by without a notice. Each painting has a story. Cheryl is influenced by people, the emotional interactions, and their everyday life stories.

Dale O. Roberts was born in Waterville, New York in 1959. Roberts is a painter, working primarily in the encaustic medium for over 30 years with a significant portion of work carried out in gouache, graphite and a variety of other techniques. His work explores the painterly possibilities of representation with regard to urban landscape, still life and rural landscape. Roberts graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing from Tyler School of Art in 1982. Roberts has paintings in many public and private collections including Cozens Connor law firm, Liberty One in Philadelphia, The PECO Corporation, Rutgers University Museum, Community College of Philadelphia Museum, The Wharton School of business, and Vanguard investment Group. Roberts currently lives and works in Norristown PA. I have taught many workshops throughout the united states including the International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown MA, The Willingboro Art Alliance, The Wallingford Art Center, and Castle Hill Center for the arts. During the summer of 2016 I spent 5 weeks as an artist- in- residence studying in Tetouan, Morocco and giving an intensive 2 evening encaustic workshop to 15 Moroccan artists.

My identity, universal personages, and surreal images are part of a search for my dream to travel, share and have fun with my work. At the age of 13, he began painting to win the heart of a young girl. Since then, David Silva H has taken the artistry of the traditional Mexican painting very seriously; sharing his work in a revolutionary, political, and social context of the past and the present. The work of this young Zacatecano painter, now living in the city of Rosarito, forces the spectator to turn and observe with profound interest. When observing David Silva's paintings, we find Don Quixote's with a look of surprise, of anguish or of wonder. We see free gestures, dynamic vitality, and Quixote's that emerge from their meditations, not always optimistic about the condition of humanity. David Silvah, in his relentless effort to express himself, reunites Zapatas, Cristos, Villas, and Don Quixote at the same table. He uses narrative and literary content, as well as many colorful artistic effects, allowing us to enjoy the originality in his fine works. Each work is a synthesis in which the painter gives free reign to his imagination, without being judged by other different and present pictorials. This allows David Silvah to approach his painting with absolute artistic freedom.

Born in 1969 in Pennsylvania, Eric received a Bachelors of Science in Art Education from Millersville University of Pennsylvania in 1992. He continued his education at The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. During this time he began an interest in the study of the strength and textures of birds, especially domestic fowl for which he has become well-known. My paintings, and now soft sculptures, bring out the magical wonder of the humble rooster and rabbit.  The rooster/chicken has always been my spirit animal.  I love the colors, textures, and glorious strength of such a common bird.  But is it such a common bird?  They feed us with their eggs and meat, decorate us with their beautiful feathers, and are used as a religious spirit throughout the world.  They are clever and brave, fast and strong.  Their colors, pattern, and textures show brilliance and shine that I love to try and repeat in my painting.

James is a contemporary figurative painter located in Lawrenceville, NJ. His home, a 1920s center hall Colonial, is also the location of his studio where he paints daily. Doherty believes that a painting should look like it has been painted and not like a photograph. You should see each brush stroke, each drip of paint and each layer of color. Many of his paintings seem like he captured a moment- the delicate lines of a woman, the last to leave the party, her fancy dress now the worse for wear as she casts a subtle glance about the room, searching for something unknown. James’ paintings are often characterized by softened drips, smears, or unfinished edges. James believes his process should be visually accessible. Among his personal favorites and influencers are the painters, Gainsborough, Sargent, and Degas. Doherty's education includes: 2008-2012, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, 2009, Studied portrait painting with Theodore Xaras, 2012, Masterclass with Stuart Shils, 2010-2012, Studied figurative painting with David Shevlino, 2012, Studied cold wax painting with Rebecca Crowell.

Will Kautz began his artistic training while he was still a young boy. His father, William Charles Kautz was a fine artist in New York and creativity was an important part of his home environment. He remembers sculpting marble beside his dad when he was still a boy. But as a young man, Will was often torn between a drive to be creative, and a desire to do something for the vulnerable in society. In 1980 he entered seminary and earned an M.A. in theology and ethics and was later appointed as a Research Fellow at Yale University. In 1985 he began full-time law school with a young family and no money. At this time Will began to carve. Initially, he hoped merely to pay a few tuition bills with whatever he could earn from his art but within a few weeks his designs began to sell as quickly as he could produce them. The first year law student would study by day and carve by night. Three years later, Will completed law school and passed the Vermont bar exam. For the next ten years, Will maintained a volunteer law practice for victims of domestic violence while supporting his family with his art. Through the years, Will has sold his work to numerous galleries and collectors around the world. His art has been displayed at the Museum of American Folk Art, the Shelburne Museum, and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. He has been chosen by Early American Homes magazine for its annual Directory of America's Best Traditional Craftsmen, and is a juried member of

As an artist, I am still drawn to those abandoned, derelict spaces where the imagination is free to roam. It's the lack of obvious beauty and not knowing where these spaces will lead me artistically that draws me to them. I evoke emotion using spatial dimension, atmosphere, and defining architecture. Tension exists between the use of traditional one-point perspective, the flat abstract two-dimensional canvas world, and the surface world of paint. I am interested more in the journey through space and paint layers rather than a particular fixed image. I like the idea that the viewer is free to roam around. I want the entire process to show through in the final painting. The residue of the previous drawing and painting comes through in final version. Education: 1995 -1999, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and 1982 -1987, State University of New York, Syracuse, NY, BA Landscape Architecture.

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1925; Dr. Nelson studied at the Art Institute of Chicago where he received his B.A.E. degree in 1950, and his M.A.E. degree in 1951. He taught at his Alma mater as well as the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, and the University of North Dakota, before returning to school at New York University where he received his Education Doctorate in 1971. The next year he began teaching at Cleveland State University, where he stayed until 1975 when he joined the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He then joined that of Millersville University and in 1997 Millersville University granted him the rank of professor emeritus. Nelson’s art is included in the permanent collections of many major museums: the Smithsonian Institution~ Washington, DC, the University of Texas, the Seattle Art Museum, Ohio University, the Walker Art Center~ Minneapolis, DeCordova Museum~ Boston, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The Museum of Modern Art owns three of his lithographs and two of his collages. He was also the recipient of the prestigious Purchase Prize in the 31st National Exhibition of Boston Printmakers and was awarded the Cezanne medal from the government of France, in 1961. You can see the things that influence Bob including past Presidents and historical figures, the Wizard of Oz, Flash Gordon, and classic fables. You can also find some of the many animals from his homestead in Lakeside, Oregon which he shares with his lovely wife Louise. "Drawing is the First Art- Everything else springs from that." ~ Robert A Nelson.

Born and raised in Honesdale, PA, Sheila O'Keefe Braun lived a dibble of her adult life in Brooklyn, N.Y., California, and eventually landed in Lancaster. Born to create, in the past few years her work has transitioned from using brushes, portraying an intentional defined object or scene, to reaching for an unknown while provoking the eye. O'Keefe Braun paints from a spiritual perspective while listening and then using her fingers, at times, along with palette knives as her brushes. She layers paint, removes paint, and layers yet again. She hides stories as one story builds into another. Sheila believes that in the rapid movement and stillness happening simultaneously on the earth there is an underlying continuous shifting between the seen and unseen realms. Unnoticed, this can occur so swiftly that our resplendent dreams may drift away and that which touches deepest falls asleep. O'Keefe Braun prefers viewers "visit with her work" and largely view from the perspective of what they are experiencing. She appreciates hearing others insight in order for her to have a greater understanding of what, she calls, the continuous river running through. Sheila teaches listening art in an addiction recovery facility, paints in her studio, during weddings, events, in worship services and by commission. She is also composing a TBI (traumatic brain injury)/PTSD series as well as a series on Jerusalem / Israel.

Tim Ray Fisher is a disabled folk artist that primarily creates shadow box assemblages, whimsey bottles, and geometric paintings, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was born on November 7, 1969, and his ancestors are of Mennonite and Amish decent, on both sides of his family. He grew up with the crafts and art designs of these religions, and they inspire some of his artwork today. The artist uses many vintage items, primarily found at flea markets and thrift stores, in his unique pieces of artwork. The artist is most proud of his whimsey bottle creations, which takes time and patience. Whimsey bottles are becoming a lost form of art, and not many people create them nowadays. The history of whimsey bottles, along with many examples, can be viewed at The artist survived Guillain-Barre Syndrome in 2005. He started taking art classes as a hobby, due to a weakened body. Creating artwork is also very therapeutic to the artist today, as it helps him alleviate his anxieties and acts as a form of meditation. He has been diagnosed with both Major Depressive Disorder and PTSD, due to surviving a traumatic childhood.



Standing Out among Lancaster PA Art Galleries

While many Lancaster PA art galleries have earned recognition as part of the growing downtown art movement, CityFolk Gallery stands out as one of the most vibrant voices in the community. In fact, CityFolk was the epicenter of the Lancaster PA art explosion. Located in the heart of Gallery Row, we showcase internationally-recognized fine artists such as Robert Nelson, Michael Bartmann, Dale O. Roberts, and David Silvah. In fact, CityFolk is one of the few Lancaster PA galleries to highlight such distinct and utterly thrilling modern artists – along with several large art pieces. It’s this commitment to finding and representing such bold fine art that has earned CityFolk popularity among the Lancaster art scene and visiting art lovers alike.

In much the same way that the Lancaster community represents a blending of the modern and pastoral, we also believe in integrating traditional folk art and crafts with our internationally-known modern artists. From hand-crafted furniture to authentic primitives, the gallery serves as a destination for those looking to appreciate the thriving folk art community. While we are primarily a modern art gallery, we are proud to feature authentic folk art and crafts. Some of the distinct folk art talents you’ll find at CityFolk include Eric Fausnacht, Marc Daniels, K. William Kautz.

We call ourselves a magical emporium because our diverse taste means that we have something to speak to just about everyone – and that’s pretty magical. In addition, the artists we show often have their own sense of humor, satire, or magic inherent in every piece. Discover the artists and aesthetics that have made CityFolk a Lancaster PA art gallery to watch.

Current Exhibitions at CityFolk Gallery 

Due to CityFolk’s prominence as one of the main Lancaster Art Galleries, we are able to host art exhibitions of renowned and rising national artists. These exhibits allow the Lancaster art community to experience – and purchase – the work of visiting artists. See our current exhibitions and stay tuned for upcoming artists.

Gallery Artists

A major component of the aesthetic diversity that makes CityFolk such a unique art gallery comes from our distinguished member artists. Our storied member artists represent a wide range of distinct styles including the lost art of drawing, expressionism, figurative, watercolor, and several different takes on the abstract vision. Explore our member artists digital galleries right here – and then visit CityFolk Gallery to experience their work in person.

A Diverse Vision in the Heart of Gallery Row

Visiting art collectors often tell us that our gallery belongs in New York City. While we wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than Lancaster, we do think that we bring a metropolitan feel to our town. The unique CityFolk feel comes from the wide range of artists and styles we represent. Ranging from the last Draughtsman style of Robert Nelson to the ethereal quality of Michael Bartmann’s Architectural Paintings, we offer a true spectrum of voices in the fine art community.

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If you are an experienced collector or just beginning to develop your appreciation, we’d love to share our favorite artists and pieces with you. Whether you’re looking for a standout First Friday destination or if you’re visiting the area and want to explore a premier Lancaster PA Gallery, start at CityFolk Gallery – as the in-the-know locals do.

While it may be a cliché, it’s true: seeing really is believing. Experience the magic of CityFolk Gallery. Our collection of fine and folk art and our large modern art pieces can only be fully appreciated in person. On the personal side, CityFolk is designed to feel welcoming as soon as you cross the threshold. We want to invite you to visit our downtown Lancaster PA art gallery – stop in and see us today!