C-I-T-Y-F-O-L-K letter auction going on now- ebay.com

The time has come and I will TRULY miss having these amazing works of art around. I have had a blast with this, and the 8 artists, who really are competing to see who can raise the most monies for our 4 Social Mission Partners! Auction runs through 12/18 at 9pm est. Good Luck!!!

The Artists:
“C” Seth Cluley “I” Jac Johnson “T” Adrienne Trafford “Y” Marc Daniels
“F” Eric Fausnacht “O” Jeff Himes “L” Joe DeLuca “K” Kathleen Stoltzfus
And their Organizations:
Water Street Mission / waterstreetministries.org (F, l)
The Humane League of Lancaster County / humaneleague.com (y, o)
4-more / 4-more.org (t, k)
Island Dog / islanddog.org (C, i)